Al Basoglu, Editor of the Financial CourierWelcome to the Financial Courier!  My name is Al Basoglu and I am the editor.

Our mission is to provide you with the daily dose of market information you need before the trading day begins.  We also work hard to produce insightful analysis on the major trends driving markets.  That way you can get ahead of the game.

In case you want to know a little more about me …

I am a financial services professional with over a decade of experience and an MBA from Columbia University.  I’ve lived and worked abroad in 5 different countries while pursuing personal and professional challenges.

Some of the interesting things I’ve done include:

  • Cut my teeth in the dog-eat-dog world of high finance at a large Wall Street financial services firm
  • Swam (or rather tried to float without drowning) in the Dead Sea
  • Managed the financial risk of a Dubai based multinational.  The company had revenues of US$4.5 billion and a debt portfolio of US$3.2 billion
  • Camped out in the Wadi Rum desert

I am based in Bangkok, which is 12 time zones ahead of the US market open.  As a result, I have ample time to do the legwork necessary to give you an advantage before the market open.

My interests include financial markets, history, and different cultures.  I weave these different interests into my analysis.  I hope you find it interesting and useful.