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The Financial Courier scans Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC and a host of other financial news outlets continuously in search of the news driving markets.  We then pull together the most important market updates that happen while you sleep.  That way, they are ready for you before the market open.

Moreover, we are focused on providing actionable analysis on the key events driving markets.  You won’t find this research anywhere else.  See what’s in store in the articles below.

President Trump is on the cusp of kicking off a trade war with America’s largest trading partners.  Moreover, he’s even alienated some of America’s staunchest allies like Germany, France, Japan, and South Korea.

Find out how this will affect you and your investments in the articles below.

China has been the engine of global growth for the past two decades.  Accordingly, the country’s lurch toward dictatorship will have massive implications for the rest of the world.

Read on below to find out what it means to you.

Gold is the quintessential store of wealth throughout human history.  Typically, rising inflation pushes gold higher.  Conversely, rising interest rates pull it down.

Both are now on the rise.  Find out which will win out in the article below and why.

Last year was a banner year for the stock market.  Moreover, many investors are raring to get into the market this year.

So, can the stock market repeat last year’s rise?  Find out in the article below.

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